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Metformin is a medication with almost 100 years history, which has taken its place on the List of Essential Drugs by WHO due to its high efficacy and safety in the treatment of high blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes. Metformin is a prescription medication, which makes it impossible to buy in a local pharmacy without a prescription. Yet there is another way out: you can buy Metformin over-the-counter on the web, without any need to visit your healthcare provider. Our online pharmacy offers both brand and generic Metformin tablets on the best terms. But first,let’s find out a bit more about this preparation.

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What Is Metformin?

The active substance in Metformin pills is metformin hydrochloride. It is an antihyperglycemic drug, which means that it affects the levels of blood glucose in people with type 2 diabetes, bringing them to the norm. Metformin works by cutting the amounts of blood sugar produced by the liver and increasing the sensitivity of the body cells to insulin. Another way it influences the human body is the induction of anorexiant effect, which helps to cut the appetite and thus reduce the calorie intake.

Except for diabetes, Metformin is known to work positively for women with polycystic ovaries. The drug stimulates the release of the egg from the ovary in women with anovulation and increases the rate of live birth in such pregnancies. This preparation is also often used over-the-counter by people who want to lose weight.

Recommendations on Metformin Intake

The use of Metformin to treat type 2 diabetes, same as other medical conditions, should be agreed upon with your healthcare provider. It’s only up to a doctor to decide whether you need this medication or not. The dosage, as well as the frequency of pills intake, should be discussed individually and is a reason to visit your GP for medical advice.

The general recommendations say one should ingest a tablet of Metformin 1 – 3 times a day. The daily dosage of Metformin depends on the severity of your disease and your response to the therapy. Regular control of blood sugar levels is required in people taking this preparation. Based on your glucose levels, your healthcare provider may change his/her dose prescriptions.It’s crucial to take the tablets at even spaces of time to keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day.

In case you only begin treatment with Metformin, you may be recommended to start with the low dose of the medication and gradually increase it to the therapeutically effective dosage.
Keeping a diet and exercise are crucial for diabetics. These help body mass reduction (if you are overweight) and thus, allows you to control blood sugar levels more effectively. A proper diet can also be beneficialif you want to reduce the dose of the medication you currently take.

When Metformin Intake Is not Advised?

When it comes to the intake of Metformin, it may not be equally safe for all people with type 2 diabetes. Some of them may suffer underlying medical conditions that make the intake of this preparation not recommended. For this reason, your medical history is important for a doctor. Inform your medical specialist if you have or have had the following health problems:

• Allergy to the active substance of the drug or its excipients;
• Severe renal or hepaticdisease;
• Severe asthma or COPD;
• Anemia;
• Diabetic ketoacidosis;
• Alcohol abuse;
• B12 deficiency.

How to Take Metformin Safely? Common Unwanted Reactions

Metformin rarely causes any severe side effects. Still, they do happen if a person ignores the doctor’s recommendations. One of the main risks you should know about is the probability of developing lactic acidosis. Although the incidence of this side effect doesn’t exceed 1 per 100 000, you should know its symptoms. This condition shows through weakness, intestinal pain, diarrhea, shallow breathing, and so on. Call an emergency, in case you notice such symptoms. Another reason to go to the nearest clinic is an allergic reaction to metformin, which is also very rare.

As for the other, more common, adverse effects, they include:

• Nausea;
• Stomach upset;
• Metallic taste;
• Diarrhea;
• Vomiting.

Inform your doctor for advice if any of the listed symptoms persist or get worse.

Controlling blood sugar levels when on Metformin is crucial to achieve the most benefit from treatment. Don’t ignore visits to the doctors to make your therapy safe. Our online pharmacy, on its part, is ready to provide you with top-quality Metformin pills at a reasonable price.

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